With the advancement of technology, new material options appear every day. The same goes for pipes. Bearing this in mind, Petrofisa offers a complete line of FRP pipes that are ideal for the most varied applications.

Before choosing the ideal type of product for your design, it is important to know the characteristics and benefits of each technology. Petrofisa’s FRP pipes are gaining more and more ground in the most varied market segments such as sanitation, irrigation, sugar and alcohol, steel, petrochemicals, paper, and pulp.

When compared to steel pipes, FRP pipes offer similar strength but are much lighter. Fiberglass products are 83% lighter than steel materials and weigh 25% less than aluminum, making product logistics and installation considerably easier.

There are also many positive aspects of FRP pipes when we think of places that are difficult to access, as Fiberglass products have a longer durability than steel, which reduces the need for maintenance, both preventive and corrective, to almost zero. In this way, there are no “headaches” arising from the exchange of material in more remote places and in adverse conditions.

When it comes to nature preservation, FRP pipes also come out ahead, as the manufacturing process is simpler and more sustainable, with low CO2 emissions. Not to mention that part of its raw material, plastic, comes from the recycling of PET bottles.

In addition, its excellent hydraulic properties have one of the lowest roughness coefficients when compared to other materials such as steel. This means that its smoother surface allows fluids to pass through more easily, requiring less energy to do so.

Versatility is also one of the strengths of FRP pipelines, due to a variety of assembly options and complex configurations, ability to withstand high pressures, temperatures, and loads, in addition to intense chemical resistance parameters, which are not found with the same ease in steel pipes.

FRP is the perfect technology for use in highly corrosive environments such as salt water, H2S and chemical applications. In addition, the completely smooth inner surface offers greater abrasion resistance than metal pipes. FRP pipes are especially in demand in environments subject to extreme abrasion.

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