The GFRP posts are reinforced polyester with fiber glass and currently manufactured through filament winding process with diameters up to 750 mm, length of 3 to 44 meters, nominal loads up to 1.800 Decanewtons, complete or in sections, with round or squared top.

Petrofisa has the engineering and technology combined in the filament winding process and automation and control techniques that results in high quality products, high productivity and cost reduction.

The posts manufactured by Petrofisa are divided in the following categories:

  • Post for distribution
  • Posts for transmission
  • Posts for lighting

Posts for telecommunication;

  • Other projects (flagpoles, radar posts, posts for monitoring cameras, emergency cameras, etc.).


These posts are corrosion resistant because they do not have metals in their formula. Besides that they have protection against UV rays and are fire resistant and these characteristics make them have a working life of up to 80 years – maintenance free, being ideal products for regions close to the shore and areas of difficult access.





Post Prices


The price of the concrete and glass fiber posts varies according to the region/country. This variation is mainly due to the raw material versus productive capacity that for glass fiber posts can be of 8.000 posts/month, while for concrete posts it is around 400 posts/month

 Transportation Cost For transportation due to its light weight (about 8 to 10 times lighter than concrete) it is possible to transport more posts per shipment. For ordinary posts with
11 meters length, it is possible to ship 70 posts and the shipment will always be limited by the volume and not by the weight.

Installation Cost
For the installation, as the glass fiber post is lighter and not energy conductive it is possible to install with fewer operators and with smaller crane trucks, making the installation cheaper.
Maintenance Cost As the glass fiber post is corrosion resistant, the working life expectancy is up to 80 years (we have post installed with more than 50 years with no need of maintenance so far)


Advantages of the products produced in GFRP – Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic:

  • Light Weight (from 8 to 10 times lighter than concrete and 3 to 4 times lighter than wood);
  • Anti corrosion;
  • Easy transportation and installation (the post may be divided in parts);
  • Does not conduct electrical energy;
  • Zero environmental impact;
  • Different sizes, shapes and colors;
  • Durability (working life of 80 years)
  • High production capacity;
  • Possibility of repairs on the field;
  • Possibility of transportation on the water.


Petrofisa de Brasil has the engineering equipment capable of sizing their products according to the customers’ needs. The sizing software was totally developed with the support of specialists in the composites business. Special projects are developed through numeric analysis of finite elements.

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Fiber glass posts from Petrofisa may be used in several different situations, from urban streets to difficult access areas that have high incidence of U.V rays or corrosive environments (acid rain, salt mist, etc.).

Posts are light enough to be transported in small vehicles and may be installed without the need of heavy machinery and equipment.


  • Posts for distribution



  • Posts for lightining



  • Other applications



  • Posts for transmission



  • Posts for telecommunication