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Petrofisa has a wide line of pipes and fittings products in GFRP and GFRP with liner of PVC (RPVC), tanks, reservoirs, posts and special equipment in fiber glass for industrial segments from basic sanitation to the petro chemical industry. Petrofisa is ready to meet any needs with technological solutions and innovations, ensuring economy, quality and practicality. Petrofisa GFRP pipes are a perfect combination among materials and manufacturing processes resulting in a product that gathers the best and more advantageous characteristics for fluid conduction. The application may be for basic sanitation, agriculture, sugar cane and alcohol business and industrial use.

Advantages of Petrofisa GFRP pipes:

Advantages of Petrofisa GFRP pipes:

→ Corrosion

Different from metallic pipes, our pipes do not suffer any kind of intergranular corrosion, graphic, chemical, generic or galvanic corrosion. Our pipes are also inert to any type of internal and/or external corrosion.

→ Abrasion

Specially required in cases of extreme abrasion, the GFRP pipes from Petrofisa have a smooth internal surface and made of polyester resin offering higher resistance when compared to metallic pipes.

→ Lightness

GFRP pipes are at least 90% lighter than similar pipes in concrete and approximately 83% lighter than pipes made of steel or cast iron, making handing easy and practical and fast.

→ Project savings

Petrofisa GFRP pipes build flexible parts with great advantages on transmitting forces derived of the area over loads, allowing the decrease of weights and thickness of pipes. This results in important benefits for savings in different types of projects.

→ Durability

The finishing on the external surface is made by a layer of thermal fixed resin offering great resistance to the weather conditions.

In case of overhead installations, they may be exposed to ultraviolet rays without the need of any extra painting or protection.

→ Mechanical resistance

The safety coefficient for the internal pressure is up to 4.5 times the operation nominal pressure.

A nominal pressure (NP) pipe of 16kgf/cm², is hydrostatically tested with more than 60kgf/cm² without showing any failure, structure damage or leaks.

→ Hydraulics

GFRP is one of the materials with the best roughness coefficient being classified worldwide as a hydraulic smooth pipe. The hydraulic characteristics are kept unchanged throughout its entire working life.