The Usina Alto Alegre is a company that generates 7.600 direct jobs and has as its main goals the exploitation, production, industrialization, marketing, importation and exportation of agricultural products and livestock in general: it works mainly with sugar cane for sugar and alcohol production, the commercialization and exportation of such products and the generation and cogeneration  and marketing of electrical energy from the processing of the sugar cane bagasse and other alternative sources.

Currently, UAA has an installed capacity to process approximately 4.5 million tons of sugar cane and to produce around 8.6 million sacks of crystal sugar, 4.0 million sacks of amorphous refined sugar and 120 million liters of hydrated alcohol and fuel anhydrous alcohol.

Besides, the Plant can cogenerate 45 MWh of electrical energy during the harvest.

The project was composed of the installation of an excavation of 400, 500, 600 y 1000 mm and a nominal pressure of 10 kfg / cm² with an area of approximately 2.300 meters.

Petrofisa do Brasil Ltda., through its team of specialized Engineers and Technicians has monitored the installation with all the necessary technical support.
The technical support includes theoretical lectures and “hands on” activities for the installation, assembling, handling and maintenance of the piping system.

• Nominal Diameter (ND): 400, 500 y 1000 mm.
• Nominal Pressure (NP): 10 kgf/cm²
• Nominal Hardness (NH): 5.000 N/m²
• Extension: 2.300 meters
• Fluid: Lavado de caña, agua residual y hollín.

• Temperature: 40° C.
• Installation Year 12/2006.
• Builder/Installer: USINA ALTO ALEGRE
• Time for Project Accomplishment: 1 month.
• Material: G.F.R.P.