“To Grow, Always” is the slogan of Agroindustrial de Pompéu S.A., This was the goal established by the company in 2000 after going through the crisis years in the last decade. It seems that while developing a continuous growing plan, the board of directors forecasted the promising years that were to come, with the national success of the flex engine vehicles and the development of the ethanol international market.

“At that time the company believed that the segment would grow. Ethanol internal and external markets were growing, something that was forecasted for some time by the segment “, highlights the director-president Geraldo Otalício Cordeiro. According to him, Agropéu has also concentrated forces in expanding due to market forecasts: “it is vital for the companies nowadays to be focused on the production area”, he warns.

The plan agreed at the end of the decade has being practiced with diligence and professionalism. The result is that the company production increased almost 150% in the last 6 years: in 2000 it manufactured 20 million liters, a number that went up to 57 million in the 2005 harvest. The forecast is that, at the end of 2006/2007 harvest, to produce 70 million liters with a milling of 850 thousand tons of sugar cane.

The project was composed of the installation of an excavation of 350 mm and a nominal pressure of 10 kfg / cm² with an area of approximately 2100 meters.

Petrofisa do Brasil Ltda., through its team of specialized Engineers and Technicians has monitored the installation with all the necessary technical support. The technical support includes theoretical lectures and “hands on” activities for the installation, assembling, handling and maintenance of the piping system.

Nominal Diameter (ND) 350 mm.
• Nominal Pressure (NP): 10 kgf/cm²
• Nominal Hardness (NH): 2.500 N/m²
• Extension: 2.100 meters
• Fluid: Cold Vinasse

• Temperature: 40° C.
• Installation Year 05/2002.
• Builder/Installer: USINA AGROPÉU
• Time for Project Accomplishment: 1 month.
• Material: R.P.V.C.