The Group COSAN is leader in sugar and alcohol in Brazil and one of the largest producers of sugar and ethanol in the world, with 20 producing units.

Its mission is to produce energy in a sustainable way, through renewable sources. The main goal of the group is to be the largest and most profitable company in the sugar and alcohol business world, respecting the environment and human life

The Group grows at each harvest: between April 2001 and April 2007, COSAN has expanded its turnover through a sequence of acquisitions and strategic alliances, presenting a development from 1,400 to 3,600 million reais of the net income, generating and keeping a total of 39 thousand direct jobs and a cultivated area of 580 hectares

The project was composed of the installation of an excavation of 500 mm diameter, nominal pressure of 8 kgf / cm2, and with an area of approximately 160 meters.

Petrofisa do Brasil Ltda., through its team of specialized Engineers and Technicians has monitored the installation with all the necessary technical support. The technical support includes theoretical lectures and “hands on” activities for the installation, assembling, handling and maintenance of the piping system.


Nominal Diameter ND 500 mm.
• Nominal Pressure (NP): 8 kgf/cm²
• Nominal Hardness (NH): 5.000 N/m²
• Extension: 160 meters
• Fluid: Cold vinasse

• Temperature: 40° C.
• Year of installation 02/2007.
• Builder/Installer: USINA GASA
• Time for Project Accomplishment: 1 Week.
• Material: G.F.R.P.