In 1997, in order to support the Brazilian market Petrofisa do Brasil Ltda was created.

Located at the metropolitan region of Curitiba – PR, the company has the state-of-the-art knowhow and technology for manufacturing pipes and posts in GFRP through a Filament-Winding totally automated and controlled process.

Currently with all the experience from the technology used added to hundreds of kilometers of piping installed throughout Brazil, Petrofisa, is, with no doubt, one of the most important plants in the GFRP segment in the Brazilian market.

With a wide line of products composed by pipes and fitttings in GFRP and GFRP with PVC liner (RPVC), tanks, reservoirs, posts for energy distribution, transmission, lighting and telecommunication, besides special equipment made of fiber glass that is part of different industrial segments as basic sanitation, alcohol and sugar plants, petrochemical plants and electrical energy power plants, Petrofisa is ready to meet your expectations and needs with technological solution and innovations, savings, quality and convenience.

Petrofisa do Brasil Ltda., your best option in GFRP.